Kyu-bi Records is a music production label that produces and distributes music in a wide range of genres, with a focus on electronic and ambient music.

Until now, he has been using the iOS version of KORG Gadget as his main DAW, but in order to further improve the quality of his music, he has introduced Cubase 12 Pro and is producing music on a daily basis.

In addition, Kyu-bi, the operator, has a deep knowledge of retro games, owns a lot of hardware from the time, including reprints, and is actively collecting retro games.

In recent years, his spirit of inquiry shows no signs of slowing down, such as arranging a mix of old and new from his own perspective based on retro game music.

Kyu-bi Recordsは、エレクトロ系・アンビエント系ミュージックを中心に幅広いジャンルの楽曲制作・配信をしている音楽制作レーベル。

これまでiOS版KORG GadgetをメインDAWとして利用してきたが、更なる楽曲クオリティ向上を目指すため Cubase 12 Proを導入し、日々楽曲制作を行なっている。